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  • Geschikt voor Led Stips en Led Panelen
  • Dimbaar: Nee
  • Voltage: 220-240volt
  • Afmetingen: (mm) 188*47*23 mm
  • Wattage: 5 volt
  • DC Voltage: Nee
  • AC Voltage: 5 volt
  • Garantie: 3 jaar
  • Kleur: zwart
Art.-nr: 9360-sll-dmx512 led transmitter Categorie



Wireless LED controller, the device operating at radio frequencies has its application in LED lighting control.
The variant proposed here controls the lighting not only in shades of white,
but also full-color, so for what can select LED strip.It has a full range dimming from 1 to 100%. It is compatible with other controllers and power supplies
that allow you to develop enough power to the entire lighting system that functioned flawlessly. It is important for such a variety of properties.
In addition to these features, paired with a device designed to direct the change of color on a scale of 16 million colors!
Communication with the controller is a 2.4GHz – that provides fast response to commands from the remote control.
Additionally allows you to save device memory the last setting, it enjoys.It is fully compatible with applications on Android and Apple, which allows you to manage lighting, even from your smartphone or tablet. Such are the foundation of the whole system Milight to service the lights in a wide range (30m) was possible remotely and inexpensively.Recommended mind one of the major factors leading to the interior space and even outside under additional protection. The most extreme operating parameters include. Temperature of -20 degrees in the case of humidity – even to the level of 85%. Smart House is now at your fingertips!

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